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09-06-2011, 10:24 PM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post

Who is responsible for all of these terrible decisions of late? Dsthal? I seriously wish I never bought a LTS more than I ever have before!
What he said.

And how can one unload a lifetime account now with these paltry benefits to, "Gold" members.

Originally Posted by Quadra
Will I still have the option to purchase a lifetime subscription after the game goes F2P, or is that going away forever? There was no clarification on this point in the FAQ.
Why in the world would you want one? Offer to buy someones account that already is a LTS. I suspect that there will be a huge number of LTS players wanting to unload them now. Except for access to the foundry, there is little reason to buy a LTS or sub. 400 points as pointed out is only $5.00 U.S. worth of points. Not worth the $15 a month for a sub or the upfront cost of a LTS. And the foundry is a band aid for the lack of content in this game that offers little benefit for completing foundry missions. And now to cover the lack of content (except endgame) for the KDF its now unlocked a lvl 25 instead of fixing the real problem, lack of content, they cover it by cutting the KDF lvls in half almost. Awesome sauce!!