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09-06-2011, 11:07 PM
Originally Posted by Brigadoom
What are the 'other means' by which the Liberated Borg will be available to players other than LTS?

Why is this part of the (originally limited-time) package deal, an enticing part at that, which was used to help sell lifetime subs, being made available to all? What happened to appreciating LTSers and showing that by giving us a unique race that reflects our large upfront payment and good faith? You're betraying that faith with your constant bait-and-switch tactics.
Not to mention the fact that this would add to the authenticity of the experience. Liberated Borg should be very rare.

I feel a bit jipped that the reasons I pre-ordered the game (to get these cool things like the liberated borg option) is not quite so special and limited time deal. But then again, they already have my money, so what can I do about it?