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09-07-2011, 01:55 AM
I'm really unhappy with how the jupiter guys let Al preset his point of view without pointing out the obvious problems flaws. I really don't know how you can go from "if you want to dens a message, cancel your subscription" to "everything is great". Only explanation: Al is a really charming guy.

To put it bluntly: the fact, that you can trade dilithium for c-points fixes nothing. Players who want to go this route are most likely not to gain access to c-store ships immediately after their promotion, since they need to accumulate huge amounts of dilithium first (considering that it takes roughly a month playtime to grind 500 Emblems). And even then I do not see, why anyone would want to trade c-points for dilithium to make this system work to start with. You would need to convert a lot of c-store and/or exclusive in-game items to something you can buy with dilithium. But what exactly are the items someone would like to buy for real money and not need to spend time grinding? For that we have:
  • The Delta Flyer Schematic (on Exchange for 500.000 EC)
  • The Aegeis Set (on Exchance for 1.500.000 EC)
  • The Borg Set (not tradable)
  • XP Boosts (on Exchange for 150.000 EC / 650.000 EC)
  • Diplomacy rewards (not tradable)
  • Veteran rewards (not tradable)
  • Referral rewards (not tradable)

That really is not something you can base a viable economy on where players basically sell their play time for real money to others. Additionally, consider the outrage, when the non-tradable items became tradable for dilithium. Or: consider the outrage, when Cryptic makes previously expensive C-Store items obtainable for decent amounts of dilithium.

So actually: No, dilithium for C-Points does not in any way fix the balancing issues of ships like the Rhode Island.

And Jeremy is plain wrong when stating, that right now players would have to spend money on the Retrofits like the Galaxy with Saucer Separation. First of all, these ships are Tier 6 and therefore better than Tier 5 ships like the Sovereign. Second, you get a free token for one of those ships when you reach VA1.

What he could have mentioned though, is the Excelsior. The Excelsior is slightly overpowered compared to the Galaxy, because it has a better turn rate and an additional console slot. But that is balanced out by the fact that the Galaxy has a built-in power usable in combat, while the transwarp-drive of the Excelsior gives no PvP advantage.