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09-07-2011, 02:07 AM
Originally Posted by backyardserenade View Post
You are saying that lifers will "loose" the liberated borg. And then you are even claiming that lifers will "loose" all their perks.

In all likelihood this is not the case. The devs have actually stated that any unlocked bonus will be kept by players after F2P goes live. You won't loose ANY of the benefits you have right now.

All you might loose is exclusivity (as in: non-lifers might get a change to get the liberated borg).

That is not the same. Your statement is worded in a way that is misleading and (at least) twisting the truth. To me that's close enough to a lie.
"ut most likely we will lose the exclusive liberated borg perk since it will most likely untill they show us officially we will keep the exclusive liberated borg captain race as their thanks for our support with buying life time.
we will lose some of the benefits of life memberships.
and all benefits will end up on c store or on Duty officer system as it looks right now ( combadge liberated borg race)."

read again ?