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Originally Posted by backyardserenade View Post
LtEliz, stop spreading that lie (and spamming several threads with it).

Lifers don't loose anything. They will keep all their bonuses. It's just that others might get access to them as well.
Lifers may not lose anything but what concerns me is that they don't gain anything subtantial either. At present there is nothing to demonstrate their value or reward their loyalty for spending such a premium for this game, which has ultimately helped lead it to this financially beneficial point for Cryptic.

It's like thank you and bye bye. You've served your purpose. Its all about Silver members now.

Hell, I'm a subscriber (hereafter Gold member) who always considered going 'Life' and what concerns me is that it appears that there is a diminishing (it should be increasing) amount of incentives to go life.

Moreover, I don't really think there is enough to keep me a Gold member, from dropping down to Silver.

If we take the Champions Online Model, which this is based on, at least in that game Gold members have full access to all the character archetypes and can cutomise character archetypes and the adventure packs (those are like premium missions) while the Comic series are free for all players to play.

Adverture packs, some character types and bank slots are all purchasable through the CO C-store for Silver members but free to subscribers.

If Star Trek truly mirrored tht format - and it works irrespective of whether you like the game or not - then th following would likely happen:

What I propose:


Silver Members have access to a limited number of character species: Human, Vulcan, Tellarite, Rigelian and Pakled. And limited access to costume pieces

All other character species are purchasable through the C-store. Fully customisable aliens are only available to Gold members and Life time subscribers.

Gold Members have full access to all available character species and can make customisable aliens. They also have an increased selection of costumes but some (premium) costume pieces still need to be purchased via the C-store

Lifetime Subscribers Have all the same options available to them but all have the exclusive choice of Liberated Bord, Romulan, Reman and Cardassian character species (these are at least already in the game).


Follow so the same principle as the player character species:

Silver Members have limited access to those already in game.

Gold and Lifetime members have full access to all ship skins so this would include Nomad, Minbus, Comet, Maelstrom, Herphaestus and Imperial. (Yes some of us have paid for them but we need to take a hit somewhere for this to work).

Lower rank ship varients like the Oberth, NX and Rhode Island are available through the C-store. When you make Rear Admiral a Tier 5 refit is offered in game to all players but additional Tier 5 ships (Galaxy X, refits etc) would be purchased via the C-store or via an in-game option.


All ingame missions are available to players.

Weekly episodes are free for all players.

Adverture packs (or whatever STO will call them hopefully Movie related like 'Feature missions') are free to Gold and Lifetime subscribers. Silver members will have to pay.

Bank Slots, costume slots, energy credits and stipends

I agree with what Cryptic has already proposed when you consider the above.

Lastly I know this is largely Fed centric but I'm not a Klingon player.