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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
for some reason the in game ship is a replica of the all good things original, and not the updated model they used in DS9 with the cannons.
It isn't a replica of the All Good Things model, it is missing many of that model's unique features. Its more like some kind of odd miss-match between the two different versions of the Negh'Var seen.

Originally Posted by CommanderKor
Hello, had an idea that im sure has been though about and or discussed by others but I think it is worth bringing up again, basically the current Negh'var minus the siege cannons seen in way of the warrior is driving me nuts. My idea is simple, since most klingon ship varients are probably going to be c-store im not going to bother beating a dead horse on that issue.
I think you're confusing Way of the Warrior with All Good Things, and for that reason a siege cannon isn't really appropriate for the Negh'Var.

The weapon you're thinking off fired from a spear-like object from the head of the Negh'Var, which was removed for the Way of the Warrior and End Game Negh'Var model.

Instead, the Way of the Warrior/End Game model had two large weapon pods hanging from under the ship's wings, which housed lots of torpedo launchers and disruptor beams/cannons. In Way of the Warrior, it is these weapon pods that disable DS9's shields temporarily, allowing boarding parties to beam aboard.

The STO Negh'Var is closer to the Way of the Warrior/End Game Negh'Var, as it should be, but is missing those weapon pods.

So if you want the Negh'Var to be made accurate, and to have a special skill, then instead of a siege cannon it should have the weapon pods added and be given some kind of weapon salvo ability that fires a stream of torpedos and disruptors from the pod.

This is a pic of the Way of the Warrior Negh'Var doing precisely this, and you can see what I am talking about with weapon pods vs siege cannon: