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09-07-2011, 09:58 AM
Originally Posted by AngelOfDespair
the maths are not clear to me. i was wondering about that too.

one theory once was, that the additional power above 125, will have no effect on the first beams, they will do their dmg as if 125 power are there. the additional weaponpower would just prevent the further beams to drop too low.

example: you have 125 weaponpower and use 8 beams, all fire at same time. it goes 125,115,105,95,85,75,65,55. so last beam fires with 55 power.

now if you would have a power "buffer" of lets say 40 energy it would result in this:


testing of me showed: this is not exactly the case.
weaponpower doesnt drop as far as in ex 1 but it falls lower then i expected of example 2.

also it was hard to evaluate if the 4 first beams in example2 really fired with 125 power ...

i know that a power buffer has some effect, which one, i can hardly say.
Also you have to account firing cycles. When B1 fires it is free when B2 fires it cost 10 WP but when B2 is done firing you get the 10 back but B3 is firing there is an overlap. IIRC the cap is now hard at 125