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09-07-2011, 10:08 AM
Originally Posted by ainu
The last I had heard, 135 weapon power was the hard cap (even though 125 is the most that will be displayed), and any power that would push it above 135 is lost and wasted.

I did hear this quite a while ago though, and it's entirely possible that this has changed and is no longer true, but as I haven't heard of any changes since I read that, I have been assuming that this is still the case.
Hm. I shall have to give that a try, see what my numbers look like. So, in theory, with my EPW2 giving 33 power or so, I could park my weapon power at 105 and still see optimal 8 beam DPS? That'd free up a lot for shields, or even Engines! Darn my Sovvie's turn rate to heck.

Edited to Add: While I'm at it, does FAW drain energy faster? It seems to, but I couldn't tell if each extra shot added weapon drain - Against a single Borg Cube with FAW2, I couldn't quite tell. I might have to actually put Nadion Inversion on my skillbar, though!