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09-07-2011, 10:33 AM
Originally Posted by hevach View Post
135 was a bug. It actually didn't even always work - after they fixed the drain on turrets (for a while they didn't return energy right at the end of their cycle), if one fired first in the cycle, it acted as if 125 was the cap. EPTW also didn't count up to the 135 cap, and actually during EPTW normal drain started at 125 instead of 135... At least since January I can confirm that was fixed, and I've re-tested several times to settle questions like this one.

Anyway, best way to test isn't live fire, but with a partial loadout. 3-4 weapons will give you less jumping around with overlapping cycles than firing all 8.

Testing right now with 4 beam arrays (maximum drain 10x3=30) on my escort and taking the bottom line:

115/80: Expected: 85 Actual: 85
125/90: Expected: 95 Actual: 95
125/100 (10 overflow): Expected: 105 Actual: 95
125/100 plus an extra +7 console (17 overflow): Expected: 122 Actual: 95

Have you tested continuously firing 4 beams? Or did the overflow test with a skill or battery as opposed to a +weapon power console or +weapon power from the ship itself?