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09-07-2011, 12:10 PM
It may not come across in the episode (it's HARD to get all of my thoughts into a live session!), but I'm very much an opponent of Pay-to-Win gaming.

But I'm curious... from a Math standpoint, has anyone actually run PvP tests between various T2 ships to see if the Rhode Island truly FEELS like an imbalance at that level? And I'm not trying to defend it, I just want to honestly know.

I fully admit and recognize what the numbers indicate it's more powerful than another ship due primarily to the extra boff slot. But how much difference does that REALLY make, I wonder?

And let's extend that examination up to T5. If you had one more power at your disposal - one more boff slot - on your favorite VA ship, what would that actually do for you in a PvP scenario that couldn't be countered or would set you undeniably apart from the opponents? It would have to come down to power synergy and available counters to the enemies' tactics, wouldn't it?

Again, I don't want to sound like I'm defending the fact that x.5 ships (or +1 ships) are GOING to be perceived as Pay-to-Win, and perception is reality when it comes to PR for a game company. But I'm truly curious as to how the actual numbers play out. The math.

Maybe I should start a new thread on the subject though, instead of bogging down this one.