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09-07-2011, 01:58 PM
Originally Posted by Andreal View Post
This is from memory (I'm slacking off for a moment at work, but...)

I run 2xEngteam1, 2x EptW2, 2x EptS3, 1xDEM3
TacTeam1, Faw1, Faw2
HazardEmitters1, SciTeam2.

I DO run a MkXI crafted EPS console, though. Just feels too clunky when I come out of full impulse, otherwise. Don't seem to need much hull healing, since my shields rarely get cracked - any bleedthrough is easily handled after the fight. This is solo on Elite, though I'm sure it gets a LOT harder when teamed.
I found EP:S III sort of sucked even fully skilled itís only good for 2500k, I use it paired for the constant +30 shield buff though. My main shield heal is Sci TSS II / Tac Team combo, with a 95 Aux and fully skilled it is good for 1000 initial and 300/s for 15s. The 95 Aux is also is good for Hazzard Emitters and AuxtoStruc which heals for 12k per 45s and 6k per 15s respectively.

My final power setting on an eng/assault cruiser is

106 (2x EP:W I so 125 )