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09-07-2011, 03:49 PM
Originally Posted by Darkthunder View Post
Still waiting for the "Venture" skin to start appearing on ALL ships. All of the original texture-styles are overall, too dark compared to what they should be.

And where's the updated Intrepid?
Intrepid updates - the ones I did forever ago when I removed the stretching on the cochrane saucer and added the yellow ribbons to the *** end of the intrepid?

I just looked in to it... it seems I only updated the tier 4 version of the Intrepids... and the updates didn't propogate to the tier 5 refits.... I'll get it on to the tier 5 asap.

Ricossa just did a build today, so maybe it'll be in the next build. Probably not the answer you want, but I'm not really privy to WHEN things go out the door. I have one general concern - make art. It's production's job to tell people WHEN you'll see things, cuz deciding when things go is another 40/hr/week job in itself that i just don't have time to track.


I see this asked all the time - Sovereign is not on schedule for any updates, changes, new variants or anything. Might get some minor tweeks when I find gaps in my schedule but it's low priority.