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09-07-2011, 04:45 PM
A good PvP build will always tear through PvE, but a good PvE doesn't always do so well in PvP.

For a Star Cruiser:
- 100 Weapons, 25 Shields, 25 Engines, 50 Aux.

8 Beam Arrays, or 2x DBB + 2x BA, 4x Beam Array

Lt Tac: FAW 1, Attack Pattern Beta 1 (swap for Target Engines for PvP)
Ens Sci: Transfer Shields 1
Lt Sci: Transfer Shields 1, Hazards 2
LtC Eng: EPtS 1, Aux to SIF 1, EngTeam 3
Cmdr Eng: EPtS 1, EngTeam 2, Aux to SIF 2, Extend 3 (or swap for Extend 2 and Aux to SIF 3)

It's definitely a wannabe Assault Cruiser build, and I can't stress that you should go with an AC over an SC if you want to any sort of DPS.