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# 1 A hint of things to come
09-07-2011, 04:48 PM
Our Guild will sponsor (most likely) on September 24th a PVP tournament and PVE event. I don't want to give out all the details about this it should be up after this weekend. On the PVP side we will have 3 events and we hope as many fleets as possible will take part of it. Also pug groups of 5 if not in the same fleet can take a part in the events.

We want to offer 3 PVP Tournaments.

Tier 5 Arena count to 10 or 15 mins max.
Tier 3 Ships Arena count to 10 or 15 mins max.
Shuttle PVP.

There will be restrictions and limitations to what can be used on ships, characters or skills. For example i can tell you that SS and extended shields will not be allowed. Unfortunately we are not allowed to post all the details here since we don't want to get into trouble with the forum rules.

I m fairly sure we also will provide a TS3 Server for this event. Some live streaming will be going on as well. But as I said details will be later. I just wanted to give you guys heads up that this will happen and it will be a fun event because nobody is going home empty handed. It also should be an opportunity for some of you folks to get to know each other a bit better. I m sure not everybody heard everybodies voice.

This was my personal wish to do since I will miss some of you guys once my sub has run out and I m looking forward to new challenges in TOR. I spend alot of time on this game had some fun and some anger going on however PVP was always the one thing where I could count on at least getting something back from the money put into this game.

Oh to get back to the PVP Tournament. Klingons and Feds alike will be invited no mixed teams though. While we work in the next few days on the official release I hope alot of you guys come along. Start would be something about 2pm EST so we can have teams from Europe and the US.

If you guys have a few more questions you can ask me anytime ingame unless i m in a PVP then my chat window is usually closed unless one of my special friends need Jerry Springer Style Zone Chat...

And yeah for every one who thought it was about something new coming up to the game because of the carefully chosen title.... =P