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A little more info on "Project Christopher" and why TOS Veterans Fleet uses it as a cool backdrop for our Character bios.....

Who is Christopher???

(The Following is cut directly from Memory Alpha ):

Reference.... Star Trek, the Original Series episode, Tomorrow is Yesterday

Captain John Christopher(serial number 4857932) was a Human military officer who served in the United States Air Force in the late 1960s. He was the father of Shaun Geoffrey Christopher, the leader of the first Earth-Saturn probe.
In 1969, the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 arrived in low Earth orbit from the year 2267, through an accidental time warp. Captain Christopher was scrambled in his F-104 Starfighter to intercept the Enterprise, which the Air Force had detected as a UFO. Detecting the approach of Christopher's jet, and fearing the use of nuclear warheads against them, Captain Kirk ordered the jet held in a tractor beam. The jet, however, was too fragile to withstand the force of the tractor beam, and began to break apart, forcing Kirk to order Christopher beamed aboard.
Christopher's arrival aboard the Enterprise presented the crew with an interesting problem: Christopher could not be returned to Earth, as his newly-acquired knowledge of the future might lead him to inadvertantly alter history. With no choice, Kirk informed Christopher that they could not return him, although Christopher refused to accept this.
Later, Kirk and Lieutenant Sulu beamed down to the Air Force base to covertly retrieve evidence of the Enterprise's presence in 1969, but Kirk was captured in the process. Christopher offered to help Spock retrieve Kirk, but only on the condition that Christopher be allowed to accompany the rescue party. Spock agreed, and the rescue of Kirk was successful, but during their time on the base Christopher stole a firearm, with the intention of staying and reporting what he knew. Before Christopher was able to do so, however, Spock incapacitated him with a Vulcan nerve pinch.

Upon returning to the Enterprise, Spock informed Kirk and Christopher that he had uncovered historical evidence that indicated Christopher must be returnded to Earth; that although Christopher himself had made no relevant contribution to history, his future son, Shaun Geoffrey Christopher, would lead the first Earth-Saturn probe in the early 21st century, and that without Christopher on Earth to father this son, the mission would never take place. With this new information, Spock and Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott devised a plan to return Christopher without any damage to the timeline: they would recreate the time warp via a slingshot effect around the Sun, returning them to their own time. Since, as they gathered speed approaching the Sun, they would initially travel back in time, they would simply return Christopher to a point in time prior to his transport aboard the Enterprise. Their plan worked, and Christopher was returned to the cockpit of his jet before he was beamed aboard, leaving him with no memory of what had transpired.

------------------------ fin ----------------------------------

So that's why the TOS Fleet has named our character backdrop PROJECT CHRISTOPHER.

Citing a really cool trek reference, which actually reveals the first ever Star Trek "violation of the Temporal Prime Directive", is a really cool way to add some interesting protein into the meat and potatoes of your character's biography.

Looking forward to flying with all of you...

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