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09-07-2011, 10:56 PM
Well technically the SC can't do quite as much damage as an AC because of the loss of one tac console, so you lose say 50 dps-ish off your beams. Not a big deal because you are still just a sustained damage/support dps ship. The tac ensign can also give you a bit more damage potential as well but the sci ensign is much more versatile.

Offensive SC, with decent support healing

Lt Tac: target engines 1, beta 1
Cm Eng: epts1, aux2damp1, aux2sif2, ewp3
LC Eng: epts1, rsp1, ET3
Lt Sci: he1, tss2
En Sci: tractor1

So the idea here is to hit the enemy's engines and/or tractor him, pop your aux2dampeners for a sweet mobility boost then smother the target in that glorious green goop . You could put a tac team in there. Maybe a beam overload (or faw if you're that kinda guy :p). Sci team rather than tractor if you are snb'ed/scrambled often. 8 beams, maybe 1 or 2 dbb.

Heal/support dps

Lt Tac: tess1, delta1
Cm Eng: epts1, rsp1, aux2sif2, es3
LC Eng: epts1, et2, et3
Lt Sci: he1, tss2
En Sci: he1 or tss1 or st1

For both of these you can run 100/25/25/50 power levels. The full aux heal cruiser is kind of unnecessary IMO. You can always pop an aux battery or switch to full aux for a bit if you get in a tight spot.


Lt Tac: tac team1, delta1 (or beta1, or beam skill)
Cm Eng: eptaux1, rsp1, epts3, aux2sif3
LC Eng: eptaux1, et2, epts3
Lt Sci: he1, tss2
En Sci: st1 (or tss1)

Kind of a selfish setup and a bit overkill unless you're solo against multiple ships. You could switch the eptaux1's fo eptw1's for a bit more damage. Run 100/25/25/50 power levels again. You could run 50 shields but I prefer the higher aux, and max weapons is the way to go because a pure tank can just be ignored. The 3 team skills are to cover all your debuff clearing. Some may say that its too many because of global cooldowns but I like to have each so if I need it I have it. You could drop the tac team if you can manage your own shield distribution well. Waiting for an snb or scramble to wear off is agony though, if you live long enough that is.