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09-08-2011, 12:19 AM
Originally Posted by Andreal View Post
Hm. I shall have to give that a try, see what my numbers look like. So, in theory, with my EPW2 giving 33 power or so, I could park my weapon power at 105 and still see optimal 8 beam DPS? That'd free up a lot for shields, or even Engines! Darn my Sovvie's turn rate to heck.

Edited to Add: While I'm at it, does FAW drain energy faster? It seems to, but I couldn't tell if each extra shot added weapon drain - Against a single Borg Cube with FAW2, I couldn't quite tell. I might have to actually put Nadion Inversion on my skillbar, though!
Why would you not use nadion inversion? Its one of the best ways to drive your damage up on a weapon volley, by mitigating the drain per shot.