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09-08-2011, 01:00 AM
Originally Posted by cocoa-jin View Post
It would seem rather pointless if we just had an ever growing Brig on our ship with no other purpose as to motivate us for the short period the novelty would last.

Now, if we could turn these "enemies of the State" over to Qo'noS in turn for some benefit, then there would be some actual value to the system. But of course, there needs to be some work and risk for pursuing this should require extra effort, increased risk to ship, crew and resources to take the time to capture a combatant or "wanted" entity over just popping thier ship or killing them out right.
I must agree, however this could also be a passive type system, similar to the doff, or even a KDF specific portion of the doff system. Duty officer running high value prisoners to rura penthe or Qo'nos as an addition to the "capture target" mission that the player runs.