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09-08-2011, 05:21 AM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
Borg shields? On a cruiser? Only really worth it if you're team is deficient in shield healing imho. They're better used on science ships, and should never be used on escorts.

Capacity is more important now with the prevalence of CPB and Spread.
That's right. Now, when almost on every PVP match we have to deal with SCI shield strippers using CPB 3, TB 3 or fleet of 3 or 4 TAC captains in Defiants with alpha, beam overload / target shields & torpedo spread 3,2 and 1, high capacity of shields on cruiser is the most imortant issue.
Personally I think Borg engines + deflector + Cov Cap 3 shields are still best option for engy cruisers. With EPtS 3 and 2 + TT 1 or 2 shields still can regenerate very quickly.
I don't use Borg shields on any of my escorts / raiders but I know few players using all Borg set on their escorts and they are tough to kill.