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I have to get an Excelsior Refit, however I do not have any Marks of Exploration. It says I need 500 to get the Excelsior Refit. So my question is: Can I use the badges from the Borg RED ALERTS towards getting my Excelsior Refit? Or, do I need to go to Gamma and see the Ferengi contact daily mission to receive 5 marks.? "IF" I had to go through the process of doing the Ferengi's mission in Gamma, it would take me at least 100 TIMES before i got 500 Marks of Exploration.

Is there a way to speed this process up other than do a mission that grants a measly 5 Marks, or can i just save up the Exploration Badges from Borg Red Alerts? Are they even the same thing? I am so confused, as this is poorly/ not covered anywhere in the game.

Any advice, help, suggestions is greatly appreciated.