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09-08-2011, 06:07 AM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
I am not sure that is true anymore. Covariants were nerfed, after all.

The "old" problem of Regenerative Shields was that it took about 40 seconds or so for the shield to have gained so much from regeneration that it could make up for the capacity difference via the regeneration. Now the time to achieve that is shorter, and it might be so short enough to actually count even in a spike damage situation.
with tac team up this does seem to be the case, especially when your shield power is hovering at 118 to 123. I just put the borg regens on my Scort last night, I've lost more hull through bleedthrough damage than I have through a shield being bombarded down so far. (by the way 118 is with me running full 100 power to my Mav Cannons :p 123 or so with running /95 in them )

I didn't realize just how spoiled I've gotten on Resilient a few times last night I had to ask for hull heals because I noticed my hull was hovering around 65 percent despite shields never being cracked. Which leads me to being curious about Resilient Regen 3s.

There's almost no reason to use Covariant now, since the gap between Resilient and them is considerably lower.