Thread: Azlesa broken ?
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09-08-2011, 06:20 AM
Seriuosly Cryptic, I am extremely tired of your ".5 mule" attitude towards the KDF side. There are still unresolved glitches from Azlessa 2.0 & now a whole new one w/ 4.0. I don't want pretty new sets, I want what is here to work properly. I don't want more hideous klingon clothing, other than TOS/KDF female uniform options, I want what is here to work. Why don't you fix what's here & if you want to make money put Orion clothing in the c-store for all female characters in the game/both sides. Just might get more players that way. Oh yea, fix cloaking once & for all- you do not get uncloaked because a comm window pops up- NO EXCEPTIONS.