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09-08-2011, 02:57 PM
Originally Posted by Diceberg View Post
I would think operator error, on the part of the purchaser. Personally I think the OP is looking for attention. Dang nabit I just gave him some.
I can tell you that while I did post here out of panic, I didn't post simply for attention. I knew I had to file a ticket and wait till the next day to chat with support to get it resolved. I posted here mainly to see if anyone else had had it happen to them and see if they had good results in getting it resolved. (wife faction was dropping fast!)

To answer your question though, it was indeed operator error. I put through my order and it cam back with an error. tried again and the same error popped up. I posted here my issue and someone suggested that I check my billing address. I did this and indeed found that my address was a previous address. i fixed the information and put through the request again and it went through without any error messages. I figured all was good until Wife called me at work and not thrilled about what she was seeing on our bank statement.

I am relieved that it all worked out fine. Thank you community for showing me support during my panic.
Wife faction has been restored to its previous state.