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09-08-2011, 07:12 PM
For those KDF players one setup I use as a tactical Negh Var is:

All Tetryon energy weapons and photon torpedos as a layout:

Front: 2 DHC's 1 Single Cannont 1 Photon Torpedo Launcher

Rear: 4 Turrets

Tact: Tactical Team, and Rapid Cannon Fire 1 (Use your Tactical Initiative with these to make up for the raptor and bop doubling up of these skills)

Science: Polarize Hull and Hazard Emitters (Removes debuffs, heals, immune to tractors)


Commander: Engineering Team 1, DEM 1, EPS3, and Aceton Field 3

LC: Eng Team 1, Reverse Shield Polarization, EPS3

Ensign: eng team 1 (because you dont really have any use for anything else)

Pretty much this balanced all the way around in pve and pvp since ive used this on my new tact only thing to ever take it out is borg in the new DSE's but never really in STF's or normal Pve Gameplay or PvP (Some have tried in PvP but they failed because its an all around tight balanced cruiser build only thing it lacks is science but the science just keeps those debuffs and pesky tractors away)

A sci officer could use this too efficiently they would just need to replace the EPS3's with dampeners 2 to get that negh var turn on a dime feature and a little tweaking of the 2 tact spots but otherwise a negh var can be used by any class as a balanced cruiser.