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09-09-2011, 06:44 AM
Originally Posted by bluecat69
I agree with the OP. My main Char is a sci and prior to season 4 i loved the ground combat, but now it's over so quick that i don't have a chance to use much of my kits. And on top of that i'm a lot more squishy since season 4 so i get wiped out pretty damn quick. They nerfed the shields but didn't increase the heals to compensate.

In addition i've noticed that you can either spec for ground or spec for space, there's not enough experience to decently spec for both.
Which kit do you use? I've noticed that if I play solo PvE then I pretty much have to use the Medic or Borg Medical Analyser kit; the aggressive Science skills just don't deal enough damage to compensate for the lost heals but they are effective CC kits. Unfortunately a solo Science officer doesn't have the firepower to capitalise on the debuffs so it tends to go badly if you don't get lucky with the exploits*. Using a medic kit however it's highly unlikely that a Science officer will be defeated in PvE as they can heal and mitigate so much of the incoming damage that without the intelligence of another player it's very difficult to crack the heal cycle.
As for the reduced HP, the NPC HP was also (mostly) reduced with the exception of the Captain level NPCs who I believe had a slight increase so as to turn them into 'mini bosses'.
On the skill points issue it's actually easier (IMO) for a Sci to ground spec and have an acceptable space setup than it is for a tactical officer. Science can easily get away with no points in any T4 or T5 ground skills whereas a Tac has to take at least Advanced Warfare (for Target Optics) which is a T5 skill. With this setup I'd never go into a Space arena or C&H but I can easily hold my own on the ground (PvE and PvP) and still be useful in the space sections of STFs.
I suspect it's more a difference in playstyle though as I prefer the faster combat of S4 over the slower (but still a lot of fun) combat pre S4. Now if only the UI would keep up with the increased speed I'd be happy.