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09-09-2011, 07:31 AM
I'll give you my impressions from flying a Pach Raptor way back when... The ship is less maneuverable than the equivalent escort or BoP. It has only 10% more hull than the escort. It has the same BO rank layout as the BoP, but without the universal slots. It has no battle-cloak to facilitate escaping.

In short, I wouldn't expect to top damage charts with a Pach. It's a boat compared to the other dogfighting ships in the same tier and will be consistently out-maneuvered. Don't let the extra front weapon slot trick you into thinking otherwise.

In a PvP premade, I can see it working as a "destroyer," going after sci ships or cruisers while the BoPs take care of enemy escorts; otherwise, it really doesn't fill a niche that a BoP or a battlecruiser couldn't do better.

...and all this is my opinion, of course.

Edit: Oh, btw, check out SpiderMitch's ship charts here. Suricata has a comprehensive version out there somewhere, but I can't find it for some reason...