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09-09-2011, 07:37 AM
Originally Posted by zombie619 View Post
ok tested the single cannon build last night.....................forget about it

it was horible

dem3 worked but only during the duration that i had cannon rapid fire which waasnt verry long since it was a single copy of crf1 ........if the ship had a lc slot i could run crf1 and crf2 and that would of changed the whole scenario but thats no tthe case so after my slaugter my fleet mat convinced me to got get some beams and luckily i had enough honor for a respec so
2x-dba 1-ba 1-QT

using dem3,beam overlaod 1,beam overload 2,high yield 1 as my main dps

first min in kerrat pop a defiant then for the next 20 min we are poping excelciors left and right
i used many heals not on shared cool downs so i could last a long time but it got tough when it got over populated with feds

the beams worked 1000% better..........also i could attack fo 9.99km and still have max dammage where as cannons i gotta wait till im at 5.0km to have max dps

i realy wish i could get a good cannon build cuz beams seam more federation and not klingon at all and yes it did have good dps but that unfortunaetly canot be sustained due to lack of multiple copies of cannon rapid fire whatever honestly the ship is lacking the proper tac to be vialbe for pvp..pve is easy a stock ship would work great for pve or maby a garbage scow

so in conclusion.....BEAMS or BUST
What kind of cannons did you try?

I use beams now also but I still crave cannon goodness. Problem is the vorcha is more like an assault cruiser that can mount DC and DHC, not an Excelsior