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09-09-2011, 11:22 AM
yeah, pretty much so.

I have tested out a good many varients on the Vorcha, its identical to AC cruiser, save for better turn rate, in many ways.

A loadout I find that works well is a standard loadout. Since you are limited in your Tac slots, decide what you want, Cannon ship, or Beam ship. Then work from that perspective.

Cannon mounts
Front: 2 Cannon, 1 HC, 1 Torp (your choice, it gives you that lil extra bite that is seperate of power)
Rear: 3(4) Turents, or 1(0) Torp (your choice)

Beam Mounts
Front: 2 DBB, 1 BA, ! Torp
Rear: 3 BA, 1 Torp

THe torps give you that fast spike, which you can use to your own advantage. In PVP I run Chroniton torps/Mines to hamper speed and make me a very unatractive target to those escorts that for some reason that want to park on your six. Also I change up my fire design to discourage that immensely.

Trick is making your BO skills and power match up so you are outputing at the maximum power all the time. Remember, without a Bridge Officer power like CRF/CSV or FAW to enhance those big multi energy slotted Turrent boats and 8 beam boats, only 4 weapons will cycle at a time.

Meaning only 4 weaposn are firing at any point outside those BO powers. With those powers, which affect the base firing rate, you have multiple weapons going off very quickly, but so to is your power that dictates the damage being handed out.