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09-09-2011, 11:53 AM
The STFs are a little odd at the moment in that they're stupidly easy (as you've probably noticed) but I can't say I've noticed the Borg medic kit being particularly weak, it's probably the best of all the Science kits. My only complaint about ground Sci is that the heals are on fairly lengthy cooldown timers so they aren't available as often as I'd like for healing others; this invariably means I end up healing myself and just ressing others as they go down in STFs as it's quicker than a team respawn. But I can understand this as in PvP a Sci with a medic kit is a nightmare to take down if they only heal themselves, with shorter cooldown's they'd be impossible.
The thing I've noticed with the kits however is that they work very well if you use them to mitigate the damage rather than healing. If i'm going to be taking a lot of punishment, or a team mate is I'll hit them with NHM and VR as they go in so they have a HoT (with DR buff) and a flash heal (NHM also grants a short DR buff) if they take a big hit whilst having MT as a backup for if they or me need a quick top up. Combined with [Cap] [Reg] shields (I like the shield from Skirmish, but I'm lazy and never switch equipment) and Polyalloy Armour I can be a nightmare to take down; against another player a Tac will struggle if he doesn't get the kill quickly, in STFs only the one shotting Elite Heavy Tac drones get me usually.
Something else to consider is use of cover. I rarely stray far from something I can hide behind and even when I do I'll have my next hiding place lined up. The cover system is very simple (basically it's LoS) but it really helps to keep you up, especially if you're being fired on from multiple NPCs as they aren't smart enough to draw you out.