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09-09-2011, 02:30 PM
Originally Posted by SpandexScientist
Ahhh, klingons. My favorite trek race/faction. Your birds of prey make me swoon, your bat'leth make me hungry for battle. But...what will i be fighting? I've decided to make a bit of a complaintative post on klingon content, and how lacking it can be. My disdain for the content grew to a head a few days ago when i landed on a planet to kill dangerous plants. That's right, i'm a commander in a mighty klingon warship with victories under his belt and a line straight to J'mpok, and apparently the KDF has decided that killing dangerous weeds on a backwater world would be a glorious battle.

-Mok'Nar Bruk'Dan
Any battle done in the service of the Empire is a glorious battle, no matter how trivial it may seem. It is not how much honor and glory we have that determines if we are loyal servants of the Empire. No task should be to simple or too small for a true warrior. While humility is not the Klingon way, we do not shirk from our duty, and what may seem to be beneath you, might be dangerous to lesser servants of the Klingon Empire.

We must do our duty and stand by our oaths to the Chanselor and the Counsil, house and kin. Tribbles, plants or Romulans. It matters not. If it is an enemy to the Empire it wil fall beneath my blade or face its destruction in the cold depths of space.

For the Empire
-Khern, son of Whrogan