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09-09-2011, 03:29 PM
Okay. Will be working on the KDF chart soon. Meanwhile:
Gots that there Venture up there on the FED chart Let me know if you spot any mistakes / changes that need fixin. Remember to hit F5 (refresh) if you still see the old image up there. As always, your opinions are welcomed and suggestions considered. Below is the update log:

  • FED v7.8.4 - 7.8.6 - Major changes: Combined all LCARS brackets from T1-T4 | Added new LCARS style drop down for BOFS and Consoles T2-T4 | changed all image dropshadows | Created new Header Graphic, with new colors and rearrange verbiage of title | revamped energy credit cost of T2-T4 w EC icon graphic | Created new column for Captain level ships | Added Venture class ship angle pics & stats (still subject to change) Also, power icon and description will be added / corrected when the ship hits holodeck | Also added Venture to VA ships (will take a pic of saucer sep laters). | Modified Captain tier header | Removed Wep Type and Projectile type info boxes on the right... Not sure if I'll add them back later or not. | moved wep arc info to right corner (my add it to the bottom left newbie corner... not sure yet.)

P.S. I thought you guys may wanna see a peek at the craziness this chart's become <<LINK>>