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Below I've broken my evaluation down based on each map of the mission with the exception of the summary at the bottom.


Mission Statement: Clear and well written.

Mission Task: Clear and good directions.

Mission Entry Prompt: Very good. Well written.

Tazi System Base: Map design is quite good. Dialog drove the story.

Transwarp Gate: Good map design, dialog and well written. The transwarp effect was very good. One glitch I noted when dropping from transwarp. If you read the entire dialog in that sequence you end up fighting the Mirror Victory before you have hailed it. This happens because unlike a map transition you are still moving after deceleration. I don’t think you can do anything about that. I started coming to a full stop to read all dialog before continuing.

Mirror Image Ship Engineering Deck: Great job. Well written and excellent map design.

Mirror Transwarp Gate: Good job. Good map design and writing.

First Borg Space: Well done on the map design and the story. Noted a dialog spelling error; "Borg planted detected" should read "Borg planet detected". Also the alternate universe ship is named "Mirror Image". Was that intended?

Borgified Mirror Ship: This was very well written. You drew me even further into the story when you had my character take on the task of performing the surgery on the crewman. Great sentiment created with that whole segment. You had me at “my crew”. Good map design as always.

Second Borg Space: The writing on this portion was good as previous. Good battle and map design. There was a little execution problem with the transwarp engagement. It seemed to stick so I circled back around and entered the area again and it gave me the go prompt. I think the issue was I was already heading through the gate at the execution and it didn’t trigger the reach point because I was already in it when it appeared. I’ve seen this same thing in other work including my own. I suspect that is a limitation of the Foundry and nothing you did. The only work around I have found works is to move the reach point slightly further away Great work!

Return To The Alpha Quadrant: Good ending. You brought the story back around full circle. Great job!

Summary: Great work. The writing, map design, mission tasks, battles and overall story drew me in making me want to go further. You did an outstanding job with this mission. Keep up the great work. I look forward to playing more of your missions.

Thanks for authoring