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09-10-2011, 11:58 AM
Originally Posted by Mazimer
Grant mission dialog:

it's as long as it can be, the map transition dialog is also just 5 characters from maxe length, so i rly can't make it any more detailed (i had more but had to rly shrink it to fit)
Sorry I wasn't clear regarding this part. What I meant was that what you currently have as a Grant Mission Dialog should actually be in the mission description and not the dialog. You can edit the information in the description to be a more precise description of the mission overall.

As for the Grant Mission Dialog, it should center on the story itself. In other words use it to draw the player in. The examples I used in my report would be a good place to start. Include the task start location that you currently have in the dialog.

As for the spelling errors, Iíve seen far worse.

Hope this clarifies my report. Again I look forward to seeing where you take the series. Good luck and thanks for authoring.