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09-10-2011, 11:37 PM
First off, thanks for the in depth review, I really appreciate stuff like this. Let me respond to a few specific points.

Originally Posted by Evil70th
If you read the entire dialog in that sequence you end up fighting the Mirror Victory before you have hailed it.
Actually, I have it set up so that there are invisible walls around the Victory so it does not attack until that dialog is completed. Did it not occur this way?

Originally Posted by Evil70th
Noted a dialog spelling error; "Borg planted detected" should read "Borg planet detected". Also the alternate universe ship is named "Mirror Image". Was that intended?
Nice catch on that spelling error, I'll have to take a look at that. As for "mirror image", that was the best way I could think to handle that. Through those dialog triggers I could make visual duplicates of the player ship but not the actual name duplication, so I had to name them something that would be as easy to identify as possible to the mirror version of the player ship. Same goes for when this occurs later.

Originally Posted by Evil70th
There was a little execution problem with the transwarp engagement. It seemed to stick so I circled back around and entered the area again and it gave me the go prompt. I think the issue was I was already heading through the gate at the execution and it didnít trigger the reach point because I was already in it when it appeared. Iíve seen this same thing in other work including my own. I suspect that is a limitation of the Foundry and nothing you did. The only work around I have found works is to move the reach point slightly further away
Yeah, I've seen this happen - unfortunately with the way full impulse and other mechanics works its difficult to get around this without reworking the objective so it's an object interact instead. Do you think it's serious enough to change?

Overall, thanks for the feedback!

Also, @jrs7200:

Originally Posted by jrs7200
I would be curious on how Omega got there? Omega is usually stationed in Gamma Orionis. Gamma Orinous is a Federation Sector Block in the Beta Quadrant that the Borg have gotten a foot hold in.
You know, that's funny, I was under the impression this whole time that the gate actually lead to Borg space in the Delta Quadrant. I realize the galaxy map should have clued that in a bit more, but to me that's where Borg space is so that's where I equated Gamma Orionis to actually be. Now that I think about it you may be right... it might require a minor plot rewrite perhaps... not sure how many other people catch this though.