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09-11-2011, 12:04 AM
I figure detailed feedback is always a good thing.

Originally Posted by RogueEnterprise View Post
Actually, I have it set up so that there are invisible walls around the Victory so it does not attack until that dialog is completed. Did it not occur this way?
I think it was because I was continuing forward while reading. The attack started before I had a chance to hail the Victory. It didn't really detract from the mission anyway. I only noticed it when I finished destroying it the dialog popped up.

Originally Posted by RogueEnterprise View Post
As for "mirror image", that was the best way I could think to handle that. Through those dialog triggers I could make visual duplicates of the player ship but not the actual name duplication, so I had to name them something that would be as easy to identify as possible to the mirror version of the player ship. Same goes for when this occurs later.
Got it. Now that makes sense. I suspected it was a limitation of the Foundry.

Originally Posted by RogueEnterprise View Post
Yeah, I've seen this happen - unfortunately with the way full impulse and other mechanics works its difficult to get around this without reworking the objective so it's an object interact instead. Do you think it's serious enough to change?
Not reallyserious enough to have to rework it. I thought it was cool that when it triggers and you go through the gate. The effects you gave it were spot on. You did a great job authoring the whole mission.