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Sure, I wasnít a major fan of the Odyssey class at first, but itís grown on me. So much so in recent weeks that I practically squeeíd over the Venture Class variant when I first saw pictures of it. I really think that THIS is the design that should be the standard for early 25th century Starfleet vessels. Itís just... itís just so awesome! PLEASE tell me that there will be variants like this coming to other ship types, Cryptic! No, wait. Please tell me that other variants like the Venture are already being worked on. I don't care whether or not there's a special console with each one, I'd buy/grind for each one that was made in a heartbeat just for the costume unlocks.

I understand if people not only dislike but openly hate the design with a passion. That's their opinion and they're entitled to it, so long as it doesn't result in flaming. For that I have my "heart of a star" rated flamesuit.