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You know, that's funny, I was under the impression this whole time that the gate actually lead to Borg space in the Delta Quadrant. I realize the galaxy map should have clued that in a bit more, but to me that's where Borg space is so that's where I equated Gamma Orionis to actually be. Now that I think about it you may be right... it might require a minor plot rewrite perhaps... not sure how many other people catch this though.
What few systems in that block that do appear in the shows were use once and forget systems. I think Cestus and Kessik sytems are the only ones that got mentioned multiple times. The first being the planet from the Gorn episode of TOS and mentioned in DS9 ; the second being the Fed colony that Torres grew up on. To be honest, the only reason I even know that much was because I recently decided to create a foundry mission and did a Memory Alpha search on any system I was thinking of using. So I imagine that even without any story edits, most people will not notice.