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Originally Posted by ChibiClari View Post
While a show based on the JJ alternate universe might be interesting, I don't think that it could sustain 5-7 full seasons with ersatz versions of the Original Series characters. What I think we really need is to jump to a new era again. Here's an idea of what I'd like to see:

Star Trek Magellan
It is some time in the 2450s-60s, and a new version of Slipstream Drive has finally been developed that will allow a starship to travel at a speed of above ten thousand light years per month for months on end (i.e. about a hundred times the cruising speed of mid-late 24th century ships). This means that intergalactic travel is within the Federation's reach for the first time in its history. As such, Starfleet has commissioned the starship Magellan to lead a small group of ships to explore the Magellanic Clouds, about one year's flight time away. (3-6 ships--enough that they can support each other but few enough that the bridge crews of the rest of the ships can be recurring secondary characters).

Basically, by making the show revolve around the Federation's first exploration of another galaxy, it allows for the "where no one has gone before" and the "far away from home" aspect that was last seen in Voyager. This also distances the show from the "home front" politics between the Federation and its neighbors (thus avoiding much of the extra continuity demands that restricted what could be done in Enterprise ).
I don't think anyone has mentioned that they want a TV series of JJ's st moive but if he would be directing a ST series in the prime universe then yes.This sounds like a combination of Stargete Universe mixed in the elements of star trek, hmmm I like it. AS long it hs the feel of star trek to it it will be fine.