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09-11-2011, 09:47 AM
In regard to the OP ,this has been my experience with the Raptor:
When i leveled a Kling Tac ( i already had a science ) i initialy went with the BOP as i was already accustomed to it.It was "Ok" but i was expecting MORE punch realy with my Alpha ,FOMM ,GTF etc
So i switched to the Raptor to give it a shot.And wow ,this was it ( or so i thought )...massive DPS it seems,nothing i had ever felt with the BOP,not to that degree.This ship was literaly tearing "mighty" fed cruisers apart.The amount of dps generated by the raptor was close only to that of a fully buffed tac defiant decloaking and unleashing...
But my enthousiasm lasted only so long.Unable to bear my fearcefull front weapons on any fed escort ,that kept touching me funny from behind ,over and over again....or "crucified" by double sci tractors ,waiting forever to make a move only to go down in an endless it seems stun...So much for the Raptor "destroyer".
The Raptor is indeed a destroyer ,but turn rate -manouverability is such a distinct drawback ( which CANNOT be fixed with either RCA consoles or 2 versions of Omega1) that ultimately you will hate it for that.
Definitely unfair.The Raptor should have the turn rate of the fleet escort.