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09-11-2011, 10:34 PM
Originally Posted by ctcc42 View Post
I run STO across three monitors at a resolution of 6010 by 1080 using nvidia surround. To be honest STO dosnt realy suffer all that much for doing so. To make the experiance perfect all we need is for the devs to give us an unlock interface button in the menu so we can drag everything to where we want it, then lock it again and some more flexable fov settings.

Honestly though in its current state STO isnt just playable on three monitors, but better on three, unlike many games which you can boot up at an extra wide resolution but wouldnt want to play that way.
Ok, as it happens we actualy have a rearange hud button already... all this time ive been straining my neck looking left and right when i could have used that... Oh and I have thought of one other problem with three monitors, in character select it places your character directly behind a bazel... but that only affects you for the 10 seconds it takes to chose your character and log in so no real problem there.