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09-11-2011, 10:42 PM
Originally Posted by Captain Zebular
Do you need a special video card to do this? I have ATI but I remember seeing that this was also possible with ATI's. I just couldn't find how to do it and whether a specific type of video card was needed.
Running three monitors isnt too dificult any more, either with nVidia or AMD/ATI. But I wouldnt recomend doing it with a card more then a couple of generations old as running on three screens means rendering and filtering 3 times as many pixels, which can be hard work for your gpu if you dont want to drop your graphics settings.

If you use the AMD/ATI solution its posible to run three monitors off one card, but you need a card with two DVI out ports and one HDMI out, and a small adaptor to turn that into another DVI for the third monitor.

If you go with nVidia you need to use two cards running in SLI. But to be honest i would recomend two cards with AMD/ATI as well just because your going to need the extra hourspower to run games on high settings at a decent resolution.

Personaly I use three Geforce 580 3GB cards, but you could get performance thats almost as good with two mid level cards of the current generation at far less cost. One thing to remember though when selecting a card for three monitors is that your going to need more v-ram then you would normaly, so when choosing between on card ram and clockspeed go with the RAM.