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09-11-2011, 11:56 PM
Originally Posted by mister_dee
Besides, never ever have we seen Starfleet mount a weapon on a ship that remotely resembles these turrets.
erm... thats where your wrong mate. the dreadnough enterprise from a curtain episode had its spiral turrets mounted at the top. thou they are smaller they are weapons.

furthermore its hard to say what those things are. starfleet wasnt one to place large objects that pop out of ships like these things are. they not sensor arrays thou. Federation ships sensor arrays are the deflector dish, they tie right into that.

either case. the huge fact is this ship class was rarely used, not many built, and were likely built for the same overall reason the miranda was built for. (star base defences and routine patrol operations) so they cleary not some sort of high phastic weapon like a spiral cannon. nor would they be a form of turret. they are likely a form of sensors that may or may not boost the arrays.