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09-12-2011, 12:29 AM
Originally Posted by mister_dee
The small ones and the large ones on the Kelvin were turrets that is correct.
However neither turrets are pointed or outside the entire time.

They are pop-out turrets.
he is right they are pop out turrets OF the later classed starships. this phaser system has been long sense excluded. we now use phaser arrays of turret phaser banks which is basically what these are. they are our old form of weapon. and these turrets did not do full rotate. by the era od the miranda and shoyus class ships they were upgraded to phaser arrays. federation fleet ships such as ones just spoken of do not have turrets they specs call them emiiters, and emiiters are what allows our ships to track and fire the arrays on target.

and mister he is right we did have sensors that poked out a bit once apon a time.

lastly, the pop out turrets did not have a full 360 turn rate at all, only 280. which is the same for an array. this much i know cause i love the engineering designs.