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09-12-2011, 02:11 AM
Originally Posted by RAJ_2011
I know how you feel, I wish they would add the final phase refit of the enterprise e as a sovereign class skin into the game. I would be soo cool since they never got to use it in nemesis even the John Eaves the creator made blueprints and in nemesis it was half done but at the end of nemesis we were supposed to see thie new desgin when the enterprise leaves! its a shame really it look great!

Bottom version is the sovereign class we see in the first contact and insurrection then you get the first phase or the refit which it what we see in nemesis till the end was supposed to be the final phase

Why not add this in the game DEVS????!!!
So you want the devs to add a ship that never actually made it into canon, just into some guy's blueprints that were 'supposed' to be introduced into the end of a movie? So if we take your point into account, the sovvy got a refit after nemesis, it's been forty years game time since then so the chances are that the sovvy has been refitted again several times, do we have to add all those versions as well?

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the ship would look great but with F2P coming, cryptic are only going to inroduce things that a) CBS sanction and b) make money in the C-Store. If they think it'll sell like hot cakes, I'm sure you'll see it as a C-Store skin.