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Originally Posted by WelshAvenger
So you want the devs to add a ship that never actually made it into canon, just into some guy's blueprints that were 'supposed' to be introduced into the end of a movie? So if we take your point into account, the sovvy got a refit after nemesis, it's been forty years game time since then so the chances are that the sovvy has been refitted again several times, do we have to add all those versions as well?

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the ship would look great but with F2P coming, cryptic are only going to inroduce things that a) CBS sanction and b) make money in the C-Store. If they think it'll sell like hot cakes, I'm sure you'll see it as a C-Store skin.
O its Canon my freind.

Proof: Refit - Memory Alpha

According to John Eaves, the Enterprise-E was to have been retrofit at the end of Star Trek Nemesis but due to budgetary reasons and script changes the Enterprise was only seen being repaired in dry dock. "For the end of the film the badly destroyed and damaged E is being rebuilt in space-dock. This is where the opportunity was given to really fix all the lines and flow to match the roots of where the original drawing had left off. Not too often does one gets the chance to rework a beloved piece of art, and I was so happy to get the chance regardless of how minor the changes were."

"The drawings were done and to be seen as the E leaves the space-dock at the end of Nemesis, with what we were hoping to get approval on being the new aztec patterned paint job, that was so prominent with all the preceding variations of the Enterprise. As production went on, it was becoming clear that Nemesis was going to be the last of the TNG movies and thus, the E would fly no more. Very sad thoughts, and I was so hoping to at least to get to see that final version fly off into spaceÖ Budget and script changes kept the E in the bay under repair so all that exists of the big finish only exists on paper as a bunch of plans.

At least they should of had the "first phase refit" which we see in nemesis. And yes it is stated in STO timeline that all ships including the enterprise e had another major refit done is 2385. Even lists the changes i think. Plus there is a timetable somewhere on the net which shows you when each ship has the refits done.

Thanks for the warning ThatAnnoyingKitsune and i'll keep my cool.