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09-12-2011, 07:21 AM
Originally Posted by Starwrath
Why do you show your ship components? I'm a PVP P.U.G. (Professional Undefeated Gamer) and I say that it's always better hiding them because the surprise is your main weapon! Anyway, during a battle a Cov3cap is useful when two damned Bops launch a sudden Alpha strike against your poor painful rear, because its superior capacity assures the survival, but if in your team there aren't good healers in the long time you'll be in trouble and in great need to run away seeking to recharge it. But I agree the Borg shield sustains itself very well in nearly every case...
I show mine or I dont, depending if I like the look or not.. For example, I really like the look of full borg on a RSV, but not so much on a Defiant.. Its pretty random really.. Doesnt ever change a win into a loss or a loss into a win though.