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09-12-2011, 09:13 AM
Originally Posted by Kroegler
It does have the turn rate of the fleet escort. Just less shields, more hull, more tac boff/less engi and same console setup and a cloak.

I don't even use an rcs and the turn doesn't bother me with this ship at all. Just the loss in total shields. I guess the turn doesn't annoy me because I had gotten used to aiming up a vorcha with dhc's.. Had to use aux to damp on the vorcha but even that I found to be doable considering it's otherwise toughness combined with a nice defense rating of an escort.

Oh and btw, the vorcha is the only cruiser I would ever recommend a tac officer ever flying in pvp. The rest are either too slow or too little on the tac boffs to make it work with anything other than an engineer in my personal opinion.
I dunno.. I fly both the Negh'var, the Vor'cha, the Excelsior and the Assault Cruiser with Tac Captains.. I do pretty well (Still prefer my Defiant though, screw that overrated MVA junkpile.