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09-12-2011, 02:34 PM
Yeah, the Tetryon is completely for looks and sound, nothing else. I usually run phasers, disruptors, or antiproton.
Once the adorian ship is here I will probably deck it out on my VA Tac that's Fed side. But until then..
I did it on the klingon side because none of the fed ships had a proper look for an andorian ship. The BG rank raptor looks great with the reman shield on it, even just the body is very similar to the andorian ship.

The 3 turrets don't drain so much eh? Those 3 forward dbb's must have a massive sink on em, my power is idle at 120 and I did down to the 70's when firing.
I didn't consider getting CRF on this ship only for the turrets, it does have to be a beam ship IMO. If I was going to go DHC's I would go back to a BOP and relish in my battlecloak.

It does sound kind of silly, but I want to optimize the build as much as I can while staying true to the idea. Please keep the thoughts rolling in!