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09-12-2011, 04:47 PM
Originally Posted by Vangreal View Post
RCS eh Horizon? I may need that for pvp, but right now the Raptor is flying great, we shall see, I am testing it tonight, hopefully I can find a klingon group to pvp with, the pugs are so frustrating
rcs....its advice i give to all fighter pilots. mostly good for those dhc builds, but the fact is that your agility is an amazing asset. fly fast and tight. when i equipped one my damage shot thru the roof, as have others who have tried....some not tho its all about piloting. my main damian flies the defiant. runs eps and rcs. 3/4 borg with aegis. love it.

i havnt flown the raptor but i hear its the defiant layout, or closest to it...

edit: also, carefull mixing aesthetics with mechanics.