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09-13-2011, 04:52 AM
Originally Posted by Kroegler
On the mva agreed! One of the things I like about this raptor is everyone and their cousin's dog's sister isn't flying one.

I just felt like there wasn't enough tach boff options to really utilize the captains buffs on the negh'var. You don't feel the pinch while getting focused on your fed cruisers without the extra engi captains heals?

My engi is in an excelsior and I go slow and hover on one section of my enemies shields a lot, lowering my defense but upping my kill rate. He gets a lot of attention when I bring him out and dunno what I'd do if he was a tac. Though I need to quit slacking and get him his borg set.
Naw.. I dont feel any real difference between the KDF and Fed cruisers.. You have some good options for specialization as Fed, whereas the KDF cruisers (Vor'cha and Neggy) have cloak and are more manouvreble.. Vor'cha and Excelsior are pretty well balanced imo.

I mainly fly Tacticals, often in a Defiant but also in cruisers, so I guess Im just used to not having SciFleet and Damp or RSF and MW, but I would really miss my TacInit with a Sci or Eng Cruiser.. Like you say.. Not enough Tac BO slots without TI